Course Reserves


EBSCO integrations

In this section, learn about:

  • Setting up the Course Reserves integration for Koha
  • Linking out to Sierra ILS Course Reserves
  • Setting up the Course Reserves integration for Symphony



Set Up

Enable Module

To set up Course Reserves, first turn on the Module in Aspen Administration > Modules > Course Reserves > check Enabled? > Save.

Course Reserves Permissions

To make sure you have access to all the Course Reserves settings, you'll have to have related Course Reserves permissions.

The permission you need is:

Administer Course Reserves - Controls if the user can change Course Reserve settings.

Enable Searching in Course Reserves

Go to Aspen Administration > Primary Configuration > Library Systems > click into your library system > Course Reserves. Click Repeat Search in Course Reserves and select Aspen Course Reserves

Next, define the library course reserves you want to show in Course Reserve Libraries To Include (regex).

In this field, add specific location codes. Example: MAIN|EAST|WEST

If you want to show course reserves from all locations, enter in:    .*

Once configured, an in Course Reserves search option will appear in your search dropdown. Facets will also be generated from the course reserve data.

Map Library Names

Go to Aspen Administration > Course Reserves > Settings > Library Mappings to map your Course Reserve location codes. Add the value of the location in the ILS in the left hand column and how you would like it to display in the Course Reserves Location facet in the right hand Translation column.

Indexing Log

In Aspen Administration > Course Reserves > Indexing Log you can find the indexing log related to Course Reserves. This runs every 5 minutes.


Using Course Reserves Module for Displays/Other Temporary Shelf Locations

Some Koha libraries will use Course Reserves in Koha as a "hack" for displays or other tempory shelf locations instead of the traditional use of course reserves for academic holdings. Find out more information on this blog post.

If you are using Koha's Course Reserves for this purpose, Aspen will display these items with that temporary shelf location.


Link Out to the ILS

We don't currently offer an integration with Sierra Course Reserves and Aspen Discovery but you are able to enable a search out to the ILS to search Course Reserves.

To enable this, go to Aspen Administration > Primary Configuration > Library Systems > click into your library catalog Course Reserves > Repeat Search in Course Reserves > Link to ILS Course Reserves.

The URL this will pull from is defined in Account Profile >Vendor Opac URL.

Once saved, this will enable two dropdowns:


Updated 2024-06-07 km bws


Course Reserves Script

When setting up course reserves for Symphony, you will need to set up a script on your server. Reach out to your Aspen support team for questions.