Fines and Fees


Fines and fees

With these settings, users can:

  • View their fines and fees in their account
  • Pay their fines and fees (if enabled)
  • View and manage fines for Linked Accounts




See Fines & Fees in My Account

Users can see any owed fines and fees in My Account > Fines or by clicking Click to Pay Fines Online.


Note: The "Click to Pay Fines Online" link will not show if the library has a Minimum Fine Amount that is higher than what the user owes. Example: The user owes $1 and the Minimum Fine Amount is $5. The user can view their fines and fees in My Account > Fines, but will not be able to pay their fines and fees. 



Once they click into Fines and/or Click to Pay Fines Online, the user will see a list of their fines and fees. 


Screenshot of Fine Payment page

Linked Accounts - Fines and Fees

If a library has one of the payment integrations set up in Aspen, a user can view, manage, and pay the fines, fees, and payments of any linked accounts.

In this example, Andrew A. - PTFS Euorpe East has the linked account of H. Auld - PTFS Europe East.

Screenshot of Fine Payment page

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