Audiences & Categories


Audiences and Categories

With these settings, you can:

  • View default audiences and categories
  • Add, edit, or delete audiences and categories


Any time you add a page in the web builder, you can select audiences and categories to associate with that page or resource. Assigning these to pages and resources can help users narrow down to specific content when conducting a search "in Library Website" (vs. the default, "in Library Catalog").

To learn instead about how Aspen determines audience for the search facets, visit the Facets page


Viewing, Adding, Deleting, or Editing Audiences / Categories

Audiences & Categories

Aspen comes with a selection of default audiences and categories. However, you can customize these as little or as much as you like.

  1. Find Audiences and Categories within the Web Builder module.
  2. To add a new audience or category, click Add New at the bottom of the screen.
  3. To edit or delete an audience or category, click the Edit button. You can then change the text or delete the entry entirely.
Audiences and Categories in Library Website Searches

When creating basic pages, custom pages, or adding Web Resources, you can allow patrons to search through these pages and resources. This setting is controlled in Aspen Administration > Primary Configuration > Library Systems > edit your library system setting, then find the checkbox under the Web Builder Results section. 


With this enabled, your users will have the option to switch the search index from in Library Catalog to in Library Website. Users will be able to search within any web builder page you've created, and/or any Web Resource you've added. This search option will also show results for any external websites you've indexed, if any, but only web builder content can be categorized with audiences and categories.

The audiences and categories will appear as search filters on the left side of the screen:


Clicking an audience or category will narrow the content to only include results marked with the select audience/category.