LiDA Support


Support Basics

Support Screen

When helping a user troubleshoot an issue or reporting an issue related to Aspen LiDA, there is a handy tool within Aspen LiDA.

You can find this in More > Preferences > Support



When you click on Support, the screen gives insight into the user's device and the version of Aspen LiDA they are running to better help troubleshoot issues.

A screenshot or photo of this screen can be submitted when reporting Aspen LiDA issues.



If there is a new version of Aspen LiDA available, users will see a message on this screen indicating they should download the latest version.

Clicking Update Now will redirect users to their app store to update and then they can re-launch the app.



Updated 2024-03-27 km bws

Reaching Out to Support

When reaching out to support about LiDA, providing as much detail up front as possible will greatly aid our ability to assist you.

Here is a good list of information to consider and provide when submitting a LiDA ticket:

  • What is the device model, software version, and app version? (All this is provided in the Support screen within the app)
  • How many seconds does it takes for the screen or function to load? (Providing a screen recording from your phone is even better!)
  • What action was the user performing when the issue was encountered?
  • Are multiple users experiencing the issue, or is it a single user?
  • Is there a difference when using mobile data, WiFi, or WiFi extenders?
  • Is the issue isolated to LiDA, or is it also happening in Discovery?


Reporting Performance Issues

A variety of factors may have an impact on LiDA's performance, including Internet connection, an individual's unique device (available memory, processor, cache space, etc.), and the performance of the Aspen servers. That being said, we are always working on improving the performance of the app and looking for ways to ensure all users can access your library offerings in an efficient and enjoyable manner. In order to address performance concerns, please gather as much relevant data as you can about the app slowness and expected results.


How do I change my library's display name in the library search?

When logging into LiDA and searching for a library by name, there are two names that show for each Location.

The top name in bold is the location name set in Aspen Administration > Locations > Display Name

The bottom name is the library system/consortia name we have set up in the server that connects Discovery and LiDA. If you would like changes made to this naming convention, please reach out to your Aspen support team.

How long does it take for changes to appear in LiDA?

When setting up LiDA for the first time and/or turning on new locations, it is expected to take about 24 hours for changes to show.

For other changes between Discovery and LiDA they follow this schedule:

- Browse categories - 15 minutes
- Pickup locations - 30 minutes

User data:
- Holds - 15 minutes
- Checkouts - 15 minutes
- Lists - 15 minutes
- Profile - 15 minutes
- Linked accounts - 15 minutes
- ILS messages - 5 minutes
- Saved searches - 5 minutes
- Reading history - 30 minutes
- User-specific browse categories (i.e. what’s hidden or not) - 15 minutes

Are usage statistics available for LiDA?

Aspen LiDA does not have its own usage dashboard at this time. 

If you're looking for something to report on, take a look at the Aspen API Usage dashboard under System Reports. The API calls in this section are used exclusively by LiDA unless you have another developer using the Aspen APIs.

For information about sessions, search the page for loginToLiDA -- this number tracks the number of new sessions initiated when users log into their account on LiDA.