Quick Polls


Quick Polls

In this section, learn how to:

  • Create a quick poll to gather information
  • Engage with users by embedding polls into Custom Pages



Module and Permissions

To begin using Quick Polls, you'll need to make sure the Web Builder module is enabled in System Administration > Modules > Web Builder > check Enabled?

Next, go to System Administration > Permissions > search for Quick Polls.

Assign Administer All Quick Polls if the should be able to manage all the Quick Polls on your server. This would usually be assigned to a Full Admin/ OpacAdmin.

Assign Administer Library Quick Polls if the user should only be able to manage the Quick Polls related to your library catalog. This would usually be assigned to a Library-level Admin.


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Create a New Quick Poll

To create a new Quick Poll, go to Web Builder > Quick Polls > Add New.

Then, start filling in the fields:

  • Title: This will display to users.
  • URL Alias: This should begin with a forward slash ( / ). Add the URL alias to the end of your catalog URL to access the poll. Example: If the URL alias is /librarymascot, the full URL would be: https://yourlibrary.aspendiscovery.org/librarymascot
  • Status: From the dropdown, you have the ability to set the following Status for your poll:
    • Being Worked On - Only accessible to staff with permission to edit. Anyone else would get a message that the poll was not open.
    • Open -  Open for submissions 
    • Closed - No longer taking submissions
  • Introductory Text: Instructions or context for users filling out the poll.
  • Submission Result Text: Information showed to users after submission.
  • Require Login: Check if users must be logged in to view and submit a poll
  • Require Name: If users must fill in the Name field (the Name field will be on the poll by default).
  • Require Email: If users must fill in the Email field (the Email field will be on the poll by default).
  • Show Results to Patrons: Choose whether or not to show results to patrons, and if displaying, which types of results to show.



This is how the above fields will look on the Quick Poll:


Next, set your Fields by clicking Add New and filling in the Label section. These will become the options on the poll. 

Once you save, you're also able to change the Sort order by using the Sort arrows. 


  • Allow Multiple Selections: This allows users to select multiple options, turning the circular buttons to checkboxes. Here is what the poll looks like with this option checked and unchecked:



  • Allow Suggesting New Options: If not checked, no button will show. If checked, this gives users the ability to add their own suggestion(s) with an Add Option button.

When the Add Option button is checked, an Add Poll Option modal will pop up. Users can fill in the New Option field and click Add Option.

This option will be saved to the form for others to see and vote on. If a user adds a word found on the Bad Word List, the submission will be rejected.

Users are able to add multiple options to the poll prior to submission but if Allow Multiple Selections is not checked, they will only be able to select one.


After the user adds the new option to the poll, they will then have to select it before submission:


If a user submits an option that is already on the poll, they will see a modal that says, "An error occurred. That option already exists."

Once you have everything set up, select the Libraries/Library System that this poll should be published to.

To test, you can navigate to your Quick Poll URL to see how everything looks and test a submission.


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View Submissions and View Graph

View Submissions

To see submissions for a poll go to Web Builder > Quick Polls > click into your poll > click View Submissions.

Here you can see a table of all your submissions and click into individual responses to get more information.

View Graph

When your poll is closed and you are ready to compile your results, you can go to Web Builder > Quick Polls > click into your poll > click View Graph.

Here users will see a visual representation of their poll results. In this graph, a clear winner is present.

Below the graph, a data table will also be present. This table gives you all the default and submitted options with their corresponding counts. This table can be quickly copied and moved into a spreadsheet of your choice.


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Embed in Custom Pages

Like many of our other Aspen features, Quick Polls can also be inserted into Custom Pages. To do this, navigate to Web Builder > Custom Pages and click into an existing page or create a new page.

Next, navigate to a new row or cell that you want to insert the poll into and click the editing symbol.

From the Source Type select Quick Poll from the dropdown. Then, in the Source Id field, a list of all available polls will be available for you to choose from.

Once you save, users will be able to submit polls right on your Custom Pages. This is a great way to have fun and engaging questions for users to interact with right in your catalog. Add a question about favorite genres to your book club page, add a question about favorite characters to a kids or teen page, create a monthly question that you swap out if you are using Web Builder pages for your Home page. The sky is the limit!


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