Using Aspen LiDA



Devices using operating software that has reached or is approaching end of life cannot be supported. We recommend Aspen LiDA users have at least iOS 16 or Android 12 prior to download.

Login Screen

Find Your Library and Login

After the user has downloaded either the community version or the branded version of Aspen LiDA, they will need to find their library to login. 

On the community version of the app, they will see the Aspen LiDA logo when it launches.

On the branded version, they will see their library logo.

They can use Geolocation and/or click on Select Your Library to be presented with a list of libraries to choose from.

Use the search to find their library.

Next, they will be presented with a login screen where they will use the same credentials (exp: library barcode and pin/password) that they use to login to Aspen Discovery and your ILS.

Users can also use the barcode icon in the Library Card Number field to scan their library card.


Updated 2023-09-22 km bws
Forgot PIN/Password?

If, in Aspen Discovery, you have Enable Forgot Password Link turned on (Aspen Administration > Primary Configuration > Library Systems > ILS/Account Integration > User Profile > check Enable Forgot Password Link) then Forgot PIN/Password? will show in the LiDA login screen.

When clicked on, users will be presented with a box seen below. 


The user must have an email associated with their account in the ILS. If you are not collecting or requiring this information, you may consider doing so to make it easier for users to reset their PINs/passwords.

Updated 2023-09-22 km bws
Forgot Library Card Number?

If, in Aspen Discovery, you have added your Twilio account information - learn more here - and enabled the "Forgot Barcode?" Link on Login Screen (Aspen Administration > Primary Configruation > Library Systems > User Profile > check Enable"Forgot Barcode?" Link on Login Screen) then Forgot Library Card Number? will show on the login screen.

When users click on Forgot Library Card Number? then a box like this will pop up where they can enter their phone number.


Updated 2023-09-22 km bws


Searching and Scan to Search

Users will find the search bar at the top of the Discover tab (the default screen when opening LiDA).

Scan to Search

This is also where users will find the search bar at the top of the page. Users can also use the scanner icon to the right of the search box to scan UPCs and ISBN numbers. (Specifically, LiDA supports scanning of UPC A, UPC E, UPC EAN, EAN 13, and EAN 8). This is great if users are within the library and want to learn more information about the title, or if users are out at a retailer and want to check to see if the library offers the title.

When they click on the barcode scanner, LiDA will ask for permission to use the camera.

Once the user hits OK, a scanner box will pop up and the user can hold it over the item's barcode.

If there is an issue during the scan, the user can click Scan Again to reset.

Once Aspen makes a match, a search will be performed and results for the item will be displayed.



If a search has no results, users will be prompted to Try a new search. Clicking on this will pop them back to the search box. They can also use the back arrow.

When they have a successful search, they will clearly see which formats are available for each title in the search result display.  

There will be a variety of filters available at the top. If they click on Filters, they will see the options of what is available. By clicking on the filters along the top, they can narrow down the results. Slide left to right to view the filter options.

One facet that is useful to consortiums is the Search Within facet. This corresponds to the toggles at the top of the search in Discovery. 

Users will be able to decide if they want to seach within the Entire Collection/Entire consortium, items owned by their Library System, things that are Available Now across the system or things that are Available Online now. Configuring these options is found in the Group Work Display settings in Discovery. 

Facets can also be searched. This is great for things like subjects, where you may want to get an idea of everything related to a certain topic - like mystery, thriller, cooking, gardening - you may discover subjects and areas you didn't even know your library carried! 

When they click into a title, they will see the Item Details.

Information such as Format options, Language, and copy details such as publisher and year will display.

Information will also be available on the status and if they are able to Place Hold or Checkout (for econtent). They can even add an item to a list with Add to List. 

Further down, there is a description of the item.

They can also click on Where is it? to see the information for locating the item including the library name, shelving location, and call number.


Updated 2024-06-07 md bws
Events Search

If you have one of the events integrations set up in Aspen Discovery, then these events will also be discoverable within LiDA. Learn more about events integrations.

In the regular search bar, you can search for your keyword term:

Click on the Search In facet to see the following options:

  • Library Catalog
  • Events

Select the Events option and search.

The facets along the top will update to facets related to events.

If users click on an event for more information they will see a more detailed display:

Users can Add to Your Events or Add to list

They will find any of these saved events in LiDA in their Account Drawer > Events.


Updated 2024-02-13 km bws
Discover - Browse Categories

When a user logins to Aspen LiDA, the default view will be Discover.

Users can click on x Hide next to any of the browse bategories that they do not want to see.

As it is in Aspen Discovery, the Discover view in Aspen LiDA will contain staff-created browse categories as well as the personazlied browse categories for Recommended For You, Your Lists, and Your Saved Searches. 

To increase speed, Aspen will load 5 browse categories.

If users scroll to the bottom of the Discover page, they will see Load All Categories.

If they click on Load All Categories, this will load any additional staff-created or personalized browse categories.

At the bottom of that list, they will have the options of Manage Categories and Refresh Categories.

If they click into Manage Browse Categories, this will allow them to turn off/on browse categories that show in the future.

Note: They can also get to this management section from Account > Preferences > Manage Browse Categories

If they click on Refresh Categories, that will update the Discover view with any new titles, browse categories or changes to the personalized browse catgories. 



Updated 2023-08-16 km bws



In the Card section of Aspen LiDA, the user will see their home library and name.

The screen will automatically brighten to make the barcode easier to scan.

Users can click on Open Barcode to pop up a barcode modal.

If the user is using Linked Accounts, they will see multiple barcodes here.

They can swipe between the different accounts.

If the library has a longer barcode and in Aspen Administration > Aspen LiDA > General Settings > Automatically rotate the library card screen to landscape is checked, then the card will automatically rotate.


Updated 2023-08-16 km bws

Scan & Go

Scan & Go

Using Scan & Go

If enabled, users will see Scan & Go in the middle of the bottom navigation bar.



When users click on it, they can start a New Checkout Session in LiDA.


If you have Linked Accounts set up, you can Select an account from the dropdown in order to check out on that specific account.


Once you have selected the account to check out on, a scanner will pop up. Hover the scanner over the barcode on the item you wish to check out.

Once an item is scanned, it will show up on the Items checked out during this session list.

To check out more items, click Add a new item.

To finish, click Finish.


The Due Date(s) of the item(s) will also show in the Scan & Go summary.


When the user clicks Finish, a Session Finished modal will pop up. The user can Start a New Session (would be useful if you are using Linked Accounts and want to check out items on another card) or the user can go to View Checkouts to see the entire account summary of checkouts.


Items checked out using Scan & Go will show with other items in the Checked Out Titles area of Account.


Potential Errors When Scanning

If you scan the same item twice and/or already have an item checked out on that account, an "Unable to checkout title" error will pop up.



Scan & Go does not disable RFID tags at this time.


Updated 2024-01-08 md bws


Account Drawer Display

When users click on Account, an acount drawer display will pop open on the left hand side of the screen.

The user's name and Home Library will be present along the top.

Users will also see any borrower/account messages from the ILS that would also display in Aspen Discovery.

What your users will see may vary depending on your integrations (exp: Events will show to libraries using an Events integration)



Updated 2024-03-22 km bws
Checked Out Titles

To see checked out titles, click on Account to open the account drawer.

When users click on Account > Check Out Titles, they will be taken to a screen showing their checkouts with Title, Author, Format, and Due Date.

If using Linked Accounts, the user will also find the Checked Out To information helpful.

Users can Renew All Titles at the top or click on an individual title to manage it. 

When a use clicks on a title, a pop up will display any renewal options they might have. This might say something like: Renew, On hold for another patron or a message about the autorenewal date.

They can also click on View Item Details to be taken to the detailed record view of that title. 

Clicking the arrow at bottom of checkouts will refresh the user's screen.


Updated 2024-03-22 km bws
Titles on Hold

In the Account drawer view, a user will see the number of Titles on Hold they have. In addition, any holds ready for pickup will be clearly marked as such.

When a user clicks on Account > Titles on Hold, they will see an overview of all the holds on their account.

The user will see the status of each of their holds, including if it is Ready for Pickup or Pending, as well as if it was Frozen by the user until a certain date. For any pending holds, they will see the position they are in.

Additionally any holds Ready for Pickup will be sorted to the top in their own Holds Ready for Pickup section.

Users can also Sort Holds and Filter holds.

For users with Linked Accounts, they will find the On Hold For names helpful. 

If they can make adjustments to their hold(s), they will see a checkbox next to the title. They can select multiple titles to manage by checking the boxes. Then users can click on Manage Selected and a window will pop up to Cancel selected holds, Freeze selected holds and/or Thaw selected holds.

If they click on an individual title, options will pop up for that hold such as View Item Details (it will take you into the record), Cancel Hold, Freeze Hold and Change Location


Updated 2024-03-22 km bws

Users can create, manage, and add items to lists in Aspen LiDA.

To see lists, users can go to Account > Lists.


Once a user clicks on Lists, they will see all the lists they have. 

Users can also +Create a New List from here. 

Users will see when the list was last updated and how many items are on each list.


When a user clicks into a list, they can Sort lists by:

  • Sort by Title
  • Sort by Date Added
  • Sort by Recently Added
  • Sort by User Defined 

or Edit list, Delete List, or Delete specific items. 


When users are searching within Aspen LiDA, they will see the Add to List option underneath titles. They will also see this option within the Item Details.

When clicked on, this will pop up a window where users can choose which list to add the item too or they can Create a new list.


Updated 2024-03-22 km bws
Saved Searches

To see Saved Searches, click on Account to pop open the account drawer.

When a user clicks into Account > Saved Searches, they will see any Saved Searches they have and when it was created. 

If a user clicks into one of their Saved Searches, it will take them into that search.

If users have Notifications turned on for Saved Searches, they will receive New Titles notifications on their mobile device when a new title is added to one of their Saved Searches.



Updated 2024-03-22 km bws
Reading History

To locate Reading History, go to Account > Reading History

If users have not opted into Reading History, they will see a screen like this when they first click on it:


Users can Start Recording My Reading History from either Aspen LiDA or Aspen Discovery.

If users already have Reading History turned on in Aspen they will see titles already loaded in their Reading History. The Privacy Notice is collapsed by default but can be expanded at any time.


Users can Sort Reading history by:

  • Sort By Title
  • Sort By Author
  • Sort By Last Used
  • Sort By Format


Users can Stop Recording My Reading History at any time from Aspen LiDA or Discovery.


Users can Delete All (delete all in current history but keep reading history turned on for the future) across the top.

If a user holds down on an item, they can View Item Details (and be taken into the record in the catalog) or Delete that specific item from their reading history.



Updated 2024-03-22 km bws

On the Account screen, users will see an option for Fines. This will display the amount of any fines/fees they currently have.


Clicking Fines will open up the Fines page from Aspen Discovery in a new browser window. Users will be able to view their fines and/or pay them (if an eCommerce integration has been configured).

Note: The view may vary slightly from these screenshots depending on your eCommerce integration.



Updated 2024-03-22 km bws

If you are using one of the events integrations in Aspen, then an Events option will show in the Account drawer in LiDA. Learn more about events integrations.

When clicked on, a user will be able to see All Events, Upcoming Events and Past Events they have saved.

Users can click on any of the events for more information or for necessary registration.


Updated 2024-02-13 km bws
Contact Information

If users click on the Account tab at the bottom of app screen, they will see a Contact Information option in the account drawer.

Contact Information contains information pulled in from their patron account including address, phone, and email address. 

These fields cannot be editable within Aspen LiDA at this time. If certain fields are editable, users can edit them in Aspen Discovery.


2024-03-22 km bws
Linked Accounts

To manage Linked Accounts, click on Account to pop out the account drawer. 


When a user clicks on Account > Linked Accounts, they can see any accounts they have added as Linked Accounts, as well as see anyone who is linking to them.


Users can click Add an Account to add a Linked Account, or click Disable Account Linking to prevent any user from linking to your account. This can be toggled back on if you wish to allow users to link to your account again in the future.


Adding a Linked Account

Linked accounts will allow you to manage the checkouts and holds for other users without having to log in and out into various accounts. Learn more about Linked Accounts here.

Clicking Add Account will ask the user for the linkees' Library Card Number and PIN/Password. Click Add Account to confirm, and the accounts will be linked.



  • Removing a managing linked account in Aspen Discovery will send an app notification to the managing account.
  • Adding a linked account in Aspen LiDA will display an alert to the linkee in Aspen Discovery.
  • Removing a managing linked account in Aspen LiDA will now display an alert to the managing account in Aspen Discovery, as well as send them an app notification.


2024-03-22 km bws
Sign Out

To sign out of Aspen LiDA, go to Account > Sign Out


Updated 2024-03-22 km bws
Enable Dark Mode

To enable dark mode, click on Account to pop open the account drawer.

Click on the moon🌙 icon. This will automatically change the view to dark mode.


Users can change back to the default view by clicking on the sun ☀️ icon.


Updated 2024-03-22 km bws

To change the display language in Aspen LiDA, go to Account and select the language (default is English) at the bottom.


When you click on the current language, a Select a Language pop up will display other language translations added on your Aspen Discovery site.


Updated 2024-03-22 km bws


Library Contact Information

If users click on ...More, they will see:

  • The location name and operating hours that day
    • Clicking this will bring up the library's full contact information with hours of operation
  • Menu Links
    • These are custom to your Library System
  • View All Locations
  • Preferences
  • Privacy Policy



If users click into their library's contact info, they will be taken to the details for that location. This is based on the location the user selected upon logging into the app.

Users will see any location description and opening hours.

Users may also have the option to Call the Library, Email a Librarian, Visit Website, and/or Get Directions

  • Call the Library will pop up the phone number to call the library
  • Email a Librarian will pop open a user's email to email the library
  • Visit Website will open the library's website URL (Home Link) in a new browser window
  • Get Directions will pop up map options from map apps installed on the user's phone


Note: This information comes in directly from Aspen Administration > Locations. Learn More on setting up Location and Hours information.



Updated 2024-03-22 km bws
Menu Links

Menu links that are added to LiDA will show up in the "More" section of the app menu bar at the bottom of the screen.



When clicked, menu links will open up in a new browser window on the mobile device.


Updated 2024-03-22 km bws
Location Information

In More > View All Locations > users will see any locations associated with the Library System.

This will match the Locations that libraries have displaying in Aspen Discovery in their Library Hours & Locations link.

Users can click on each location to get more information on hours, address and contact information.



Updated 2024-02-13 km bws
Preferences (Manage Browse Categories, Device permissions, Support, Language, Appearance)

To access user Preferences, click on ...More  and then on > Prefences

When users click on More > Preferences, they will see these options:

> Manage Browse Categories

> Device permissions

> Support



Note: Language and Appearance can also be adjust from the Account drawer


Manage Browse Categories

When users click on Manage Browse Categories, they will see a list of all the browse categories they can turn on/off on their Discover home screen. Users can also access these options at the bottom of their Discover view.


Device Permissions

When users click on Device permissions, they will be presented with the various permissions related to the app.

Users can click on each option to get more information:

  • Camera
  • Calendar
  • Location services
  • Notifications
  • Screen brightness


Here is an example from the Notifications screen.

Users can to toggle Allow Notifications On and then toggle on which notifications they want on from: Enable all, Saved Searches, Alerts from your library and/or Alerts about my library account.

Users can click on How we use your device's notificaton to expand an explanation of what that permissions is related to.


The Update device settings button will pop up a screen that asks if you'd like to Open device settings or Not now 

If you click on Open device settings, you will be taken to your device settings, where you might have access to additional configuration options (i.e. I want my notications as a banner message).


Learn more about setting up and managing custom notifications in Aspen LiDA.



The support screen gives insight into the User's device and the version of Aspen LiDA they are running to better help troubleshoot issues. This screen can be screenshot and used when reporting Aspen LiDA issues.



If there is a new version of Aspen LiDA available, users will see a message on this screen indicating they should download the latest version.

Clicking Update Now will redirect users to their app store to update and then they can re-launch the app.



Updated 2024-04-09 km bws
Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy can be found in More.

Aspen LiDA is pre-loaded with this Privacy Policy and will link out to the ByWater Solutions' site where it is hosted.


Updated 2024-03-22 km bws