Your Events


Your Events

With these settings, you can:

  • Save events
  • See saved events in your account




This functionality is available to libraries using Attend - Communico, Library Market - Calendar and Springshare - LibCal

Learn more about these integrations here.

Get Detailed Information About an Event in Aspen

Once you locate an event, you can click on a variety of places to be taken to a detailed events page within Aspen.

You can click on:

  • The event title header
  • The event calendar cover image
  • The more info button



The page will have detailed information about the event including description, audience, program type, related images, date, time and location.


Once you click to Add to Your Events, the event information will be hyperlinked in Account > Your Events as well.



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Add to Your Events - No Registration

Once you find an event you're interested in, you can click Add to Your Events


In the Events search interface, users will see In Your Events when an event has been added.


Events will be saved to Your Account > Your Events



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Add to Your Events - Registration Required

If an event requires registration, then the button will display as Add to Your Events and Register and this will pop up the registration page, as well as save the event to Your Events.



Once you are taken out to the calendar platform to register and return back to Aspen, a message will display that says:

"This event was saved to your events successfully. Saving an event to your events is not the same as registering.

We are taking you to the library's event management page where you will need to complete your registration. If you are not redirected to the event registration page, please follow this link."


For events with registration, once Add to Your Events, buttons will show in the Events search interface that say:

  • Check Registration or You Are Registered -
    • Check Registration - Takes you out to the event registration page on the calendar platform if your event or calendar platform does not take library barcode with registration
    • Your Are RegisteredIf a user has registered with their barcode for Communico or Springshare LibCal events, the button will read You Are Registered
  • Go to Your Events - takes you into your Aspen My Account > Your Events



Users will also see a column in My Account > Your Events > Registration Status that will also link out to Check Registration if registration is still open.


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View Your Events

You can quickly locate events that you have saved in a couple of different ways:

Underneath Username

Within Your Account


Access this section of the account directly at https://{YOUR ASPEN URL}/MyAccount/MyEvents


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See Past Events

In Aspen, you can sort Your Events by:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Past Events
  • All Events

The default view is Upcoming Events.


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Remove Saved Events

To remove events, go to Account > Your Events and click on the Remove button. 


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Events Registered Externally

If a user has registered externally on LibCal or Communico and a connection between the user's library card and those events is able to be made, it will show in Aspen in Your Events via the API connection.

This feature not available for Library Calendar.