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With these settings, you can:

  • Submit support tickets from within Aspen
  • View your active tickets
  • Prioritize tickets
  • View release notes



Aspen Administration Support Module

Request Tracker Settings

Request Tracker Settings

These settings are where ByWater adds your active ticket feed from Request Tracker (RT), which allows the display of your active tickets within Aspen. If you see links to View Active Tickets and Set Priorities with the Aspen Discovery Support module, then these settings are already in place and you're good to go!

If you do not currently have this set up for your library and would like to access tickets from Aspen, please reach out to us via support ticket.

View Active Tickets

View Active Tickets

To view your currently active tickets from Request Tracker (RT), visit Aspen Administration > Aspen Discovery Support > View Active Tickets.

Tickets will display in the order they have been updated, with the most recently-updated ticket at the top. 

Clicking on the ticket ID will open the ticket in RT. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so.


In order to view active tickets, you will need the View Active Tickets permission in at least one of the roles your account has been assigned. This permission can be found in the Aspen Discovery Support section of user permissions.

Submit a Ticket from within Aspen

Submit Ticket

To submit a ticket from within Aspen, visit Aspen Administration > Aspen Discovery Support > Submit Ticket.

On this form, your name will be automatically populated based on your account information -- edit this field, if needed.

Next, enter in your email address, subject, and your question or a description of your issue. Please provide as much information about the issue as you can, which might include library account numbers, record URLs, search terms, or any steps to take to help us reproduce the issue you've encountered.

Selecting a criticality level or ticket component is completely optional, but if you can see an applicable component that applies to your question/issue, feel free to select one or more.

Submitting a ticket through the Aspen interface will create the ticket in our ticketing system (RT). You will receive an email when the ticket has been created and when we respond to your ticket.

In addition to using this form, you may also send an email directly to This will automatically create a ticket in our ticketing system as well.


In order to submit a ticket through Aspen, you will need the Submit Ticket permission in at least one of the roles your account has been assigned. This permission can be found in the Aspen Discovery Help section of user permissions.

Set Ticket Priorities

Set Priorities

Setting your ticket priorities is a great way to communicate to the Aspen development team what issues are most important to your library. We use these priorities to help us identify common issues and request trends, which in turn help us to plan our releases. You can add any kind of ticket to your priorities.

  1. To set your ticket priorities, visit Aspen Administration > Aspen Discovery Support > Set Priorities.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Each dropdown menu contains a list of all your currently active tickets. Select a ticket for each priority, "Priority 1" being most important.

  1. Save your changes.


In order to set ticket priorities within Aspen, you will need the Set Development Priorities permission in at least one of the roles your account has been assigned. This permission can be found in the Aspen Discovery Support section of user permissions.

Release Notes

Release Notes

To view Aspen Discovery release notes, visit Aspen Administration > Aspen Discovery Support > Release Notes. The notes for the most recent release will display first, but notes for any previous release are available as well.

Each release is named for the year and month of that release. This means that 22.05.00 was released in May of 2022; 21.09.00 was released in September of 2021; and so on. Patches in between official releases will be denoted at the end with increments of .01, .02, etc. 

To view the most up-to-date notes for releases not yet pushed to production sites, visit

Release Calendar

To view the Aspen Discovery release calendar, click the icon toward the top right-hand side of the Help Center, click Calendar, then select your time zone. In addition to release dates, the calendar also has other information and links such as dates for the Aspen Gathering and Aspen community meetings.


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