Branded Aspen LiDA

With a library-branded Aspen LiDA app, libraries can customize the color scheme using an Aspen Discovery theme and place your logo in additional places like the app icon, splash screen, and login screen.

The biggest perk of a library-branded app is that your patrons will search for your library in the app stores, instead of “Aspen LiDA.” If you are interested in learning more about building a branded LiDA app for your library, reach out to a member of our ByWater team to learn more and request a quote. Please note that the community version of Aspen LiDA is included with ByWater support.

Additional information and assistance will be provided during the LiDA implementation process. The following is informational for libraries considering adding Library Branded LiDA.

App Store Developer Accounts

Please note that if your library already has developer accounts for other apps, those existing accounts should be used to release Library Branded LiDA.

Apple Developer Account - Annual fee is $99
To set up an Apple Developer Account, use this link and follow the instructions for Enrolling in the Apple Developer Program as an organization.

If you are a nonprofit, you may be able to get this fee waived.

Google Play Developer Account - One time fee is $25
To set up a Google Play Developer Account, follow steps 1-4 at this link making sure to follow instructions for an organization account under step 2 of step 4.

App-Specific Graphics

All images should be sent in PNG format unless otherwise specified.

Logo for the Splash/Loading Screen
1024 x 1024 or 512 x 512 is the recommended image size. Transparency is allowed.

Logo for the Login Screen
1024 x 1024 or 512 x 512 is the recommended image size. Transparency is allowed.

Logo for the App Icon
1024 x 1024 or 512 x 512 is the recommended image size. Transparency is allowed. Text is not recommended.
Here are additional guidelines.

Google Featured Graphic
1024px by 500px is the recommended image size. Must be JPEG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha).
Here are additional guidelines.

Notifications Graphic
96x96, 100% white (i.e., only white) graphic on a transparent background. SVG exported to PNG works best.
For use with app push notifications.

Mandatory Information for the App Stores

App Name (less than 30 characters)
This is the name of your app in the app stores and how users will likely search for your app.

If app store developer account(s) have a pre-existing app using the same name that is desired for the branded LiDA app, that old app will need to be renamed or completely deleted (not just inactive) for ByWater to be able to complete a LiDA build with the desired name.

Short Description (80 characters, sample text below)
Discover more from your library!

Long description (4000 characters or less, sample text below)
[your app name] allows you to explore your library on the go to find new books, movies, games, or your old favorites! Quickly search the entire catalog, including eContent, and place holds, check due dates and renew eligible titles.

Support Email Address
This is the email address provided in the app for support. This email is typically a library email and if the library cannot resolve an app issue they would put in a ticket with ByWater.

App testing account
Please provide a barcode and PIN to be used for ongoing testing in LiDA. Please be aware that the name on the account will appear in screenshots in the app stores.

Keywords (100 characters)
The Apple App store requires you to supply keywords to assist users in finding the app.

Privacy Policy
You can use LiDA's default privacy policy or link to your own.

Optional Information for the App Stores

Support Website and Phone Number
In addition to the support email address, you can provide a support website and phone number.

If your library creates a video demonstrating how the app works, we can upload that to the app stores.

Branded Aspen LiDA Settings

For general information on setting up and customizing LiDA, check out the Setting Up Aspen LiDA page. This section outlines some additional settings specific to Branded Aspen LiDA.

Find Settings

These settings can be found in Aspen Administration > Aspen LiDA > Branded App Settings.

Here you will find information on the logos uploaded to your branded app as well as areas to customize the Privacy Policy information.


Updated 2024-02-13 km bws
Add Additional Information to Privacy Policy

Your branded Aspen LiDA app will be preloaded with a Privacy Policy.

By default, the contact information is the Location marked "is Main Branch" in Aspen Administration > Primary Configuration > Locations. If no location is marked "is Main Branch", then it will be the first location code alphabetically.

You can change the default contact information by going to Aspen Administration > Aspen LiDA > Branded App Settings > Privacy Policy Information.

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Show favicons for each library at login

Go to Aspen Administration > Aspen LiDA > Branded App Settings > Show favicons for each library at login to have each of the library system favicons (uploaded in their individual Theme settings) display on the search screen.