System Administration


System Admin

Within this section, you will find:

  • Modules
  • Administration Users
  • Permissions
  • DB Maintenance
  • Amazon SES Settings
  • SendGrid Settings
  • Variables
  • System Variables



Searching Administration Settings

Finding settings has never been easier!

In the Search for a Setting box, start typing the name of the setting you are looking for.

You will also find this on the side menu view by clicking on Search

Then start typing your term in the Search for a Setting box:

This search functionality is also available now within Aspen sections such as Library Systems to locate specific settings.


Updated 2023-04-17 km bws

System Administration Functions


The Modules section is where you will set up connections to vendors or certain ILSes. Depending on the module, once you enable it here you will see a new section for it in the Administration settings. These modules include many e-content vendors.

Administration Users

The Administration Users section is where you can add administration users and assign roles with individual sets of permissions. To add a new administration users, click Add New, enter in their library card number or username, and click next to the roles you wish to assign.


In this section, you can customize roles by giving them almost any level of access to Aspen. Here, you are able to edit exsisting roles or create new roles. Click here to learn more about user roles and permissions.

DB Maintainance

In the Database Maintenance section, you can run updates when a new version of Aspen has been released. Typically this will have already been done by someone on the ByWater team whenever we roll out a new release to your site.

Amazon SES Settings

Amazon SES allows Aspen to send e-mails using Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES) platform. These emails are used in functions such as sharing lists or titles.

SendGrid Settings

SendGrid is another service which allows emails to be sent through Aspen. This is a legacy option that is no longer in use by ByWater partners.


This is a background process where variables are set by Aspen Discovery.

System Variables

These settings control a variety of global functions in Aspen. Some noteworthy settings include allowable HTML tags, and the ability to put the catalog into Offline Mode.