Masquerade Mode


Masquerade Mode

With these settings, you can:

  • Enable masquerade mode for specific admin users
  • Control whether users in masquerade mode can view patron reading history


This optional setting allows staff with the Masquerade permissions to act as other users and see their account information within Aspen.

For example, this can be useful for staff who need to assist patrons over the phone, such as when walking them through how to access information in their account or performing actions as the patron. When using Masquerade, you will never have to ask a patron for their PIN/password -- the only information you need is their library card number.



Masquerade Settings

Masquerade Settings

  1. Visit Primary Configuration Library Systems settings → ILS/Account IntegrationMasquerade Mode.

Allow Masquerade Mode: Checking this box will enable Masquerade Mode.

Masquerade Mode Automatic Timeout Length: Specify an amount of time, in seconds, to have Masquerade automatically time out. This will ensure that the masquerade mode will end so that staff cannot mistakenly perform actions on the patron's account.

Allow Display of Reading History in Masquerade Mode: With this option enabled, administrative staff using Masquerade will be able to see a patron's reading history if the patron has opted in to recording their history.

  1. Assign the Masquerade role to any staff account who will need to use Masquerade Mode. Visit the Users & Permissions section to learn about roles and permissions.
Using Masquerade Mode

Using Masquerade Mode

  1. While logged into an administrative account with the Masquerade permission, click on your username, then click Masquerade.

  1. Enter the patron's library card number, then click Start.
  2. You will know Masquerade Mode is enabled when you see "Acting As" next to the patron's username.

  1. You can now view the patron's account information and perform actions as the patron, such as placing and managing holds or checking out eContent.
  2. To end Masquerade Mode, click on the patron's username, then click End Masquerade.

What can I do in Masquerade Mode?

While masquerading as a user, you can:

  • View account pages
  • Place and modify holds
  • Renew checkouts
  • Update preferences and contact information (if applicable)
  • View reading history (only if this setting has been enabled and the patron has opted into recording reading history)
  • View recommendations and rate titles
  • View and create lists
  • Manage materials requests*

In some cases, the patron must log into Aspen first before a staff member can fully perform all masquerading tasks - such as managing purchase suggestions.

Masquerade Mode and your ILS - Do users have to log into Aspen before Masquerade Mode will work?

Evergreen, Koha, Polaris, Sierra, or Symphony: Staff can masqeruade as users regardless of whether or not they've previously logged into Aspen.

Evolve: The user must have already logged into Aspen before staff can masquerade as the user. Otherwise, you will receive an error when trying to masquerade as the user.