Menu Links


Menu Links

With these settings, you can:

  • Add menu links to your interface
  • Add dropdown menus
  • Change the behavior of your menu links
  • Target menu links to specific patron types or languages


With the Menu Links settings in Aspen, it’s easy to make sure patrons have ready access to your resources.

Menu links can be added to the top of the page above the search bar, or in the drop down on the right-hand side of the page.



Creating Menu Links

Creating Menu Links

  1. Head to Aspen Administration Primary ConfigurationLibrary Systems.
  2. Click into the library system setting you’d like to create menu links for and scroll down to the Menu Links section.
  3. Clicking Add New will populate empty link fields where your link information will go.


Single Menu Link

To create a single menu link, give the link a name in the “Category” field. You’ll use this same name in the “Link Text” field. To include an icon next to your link, visit the FontAwesome URL and past the icon name in that column. Then specify a URL for your link in the URL field. If you’re linking to another page created with Web Builder, you can simply use the URL alias (“/help”).


Nested Menu Links

To create a set of nested links, you’ll first decide the name of the menu Category. This is the text that will become the header of your menu link. You’ll create one link entry for each link in your menu. In this example, the Category is “Education,” and the Link Text fields contain “Articles,” “Videos,” and “Admin videos.”

Moving Menu Links

Moving Menu Links

There are two options for menu link placement: along the top menu bar, and within the hamburger menu.


Top Menu

  1. Visit Primary Configuration Library Systems, then scroll down to view your existing menu links.
  2. Use the scroll bar to scroll over to the right. You'll see several columns of checkboxes for additional options.
  3. To display your menu link in the top menu, check one or both of these options:


Show In Top Menu (large screens only): Check this box if you would like the menu link to appear only if the screen is large enough to accommodate the link text. If the screen is sized down, the menu link will instead show within the hamburger menu.


Show Icon In Top Menu (all screen sizes): With this box checked, the menu link icon will still show on the top menu regardless of screen size. This option will only work for menu links that have icons specified.


Hamburger Menu


  1. To display your menu link in the hamburger menu, leave the two "Top Menu" options unchecked.
  2. To display a set of nested links in the hamburger menu, click "Show Expanded" to have all links within a link category show at once. Otherwise, users will need to click the link header to expand the nested links.


Commonly Used Font Awesome Icons

The icons used in menu links come from Font Awesome:

Here are some popular icon codes used on Aspen library catalogs with the type of link they typically correspond to. Just copy and paste the word to have the icon appear in Aspen.

Sign Up for a Library Card

  • address-card
  • barcode
  • id-card

General Library

  • book
  • bookmark
  • book-open
  • book-reader

General Information

  • info
  • info-circle


  • credit-card
  • donate
  • money-bill
  • money-bill-alt


  • desktop
  • laptop-code
  • tv


  • calendar
  • calendar-alt

History and Archives

  • archive
  • history
  • hotel
  • landmark
  • newspaper
  • university

Library Website Homepage

  • home
  • school


  • list-alt


  • hand-sparkles


  • question
  • question-circle
  • video

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