System Messages


System Messages

With these settings, you can:

  • Create messages that communicate information to users
  • Target messages to specific user account pages
  • Schedule system messages to appear for a specific amount of time


System Messages display at the top of the screen and can be applied to the entire catalog or to specific account pages when users are logged in. Use system messages to communicate information about closings, internet outages, system updates, policy changes, job opportunities, and more.



Creating a System Message

Example of a system message

To create a system message:

  1. Visit Local Catalog Enrichment System Messages and click Add New.
  2. Give your system message a title. This is not shown anywhere publicly, it is for your internal identification purposes only.
  3. Type and format your message in the Message to show text area.
  4. Click the Show On dropdown to change where the system message displays, if desired. The message will show on all pages by default, but you can also target messages based on whether users are logged in, or display on specific account pages.
  5. Select a Message Style to help your message stand out with background colors.
  6. Select a start date and end date for your message, if needed.
  7. Select the libraries and locations the system message applies to. If no libraries or locations are selected, the system message will not appear.
  8. Save your changes.

Video Tutorial

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