Marketing Resources


Below are some resources that will help you create materials suited to your library's marketing needs, as well as some all-purpose, print-ready files.

With the Canva templates, feel free to update them with your own logo(s) and color(s) to make them suited for your library's needs.

Aspen Brand Standards - Download (.pdf)


Aspen Discovery

Email Communication

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Logo Files

Aspen Discovery Logo Files - Dropbox

Printable Resources

Aspen Discovery Quick Start -  Download (.pdf) | Canva Template

Aspen vs Koha Overview (For Staff) -  Download (.pdf) | Canva Template

Aspen Discovery - Discover More Bookmarks - Download (.pdf) | Canva Template

Aspen Discovery - Discover More Single Bookmark - Download (.pdf) | Canva Template

Social Media

Aspen Discovery Instagram/Facebook (with space to add your library's logo and/or catalog URL at the bottom) - Canva Template

Aspen Discovery Twitter (with space to add your library's logo and/or catalog URL at the bottom) - Canva Template


Aspen is incredibly customizable. No two Aspen sites are the same. Because of this, we don't provide canned or out of the box patron videos. The great part about Aspen is that users find it very intuitive and easy to use and should not need videos to understand navigating and searching Aspen. If you do want to highlight special or new features in Aspen, we suggest making short (1-2 minute) user videos using your new Aspen catalog.

We do have a sample script to go over some of the talking points you may want to include in your video(s):

Aspen Patron Tutorials Script - Download (.pdf)

Here are examples of some ways libraries are sharing Aspen resources with their libraries:

Niche Academy Tutorials:

Help Page using Web Builder Pages:


Aspen LiDA Mobile App

Logo Files

Aspen LiDA Logo Files - Google Drive

Printable Resources

Aspen LiDA Quick Start Download (.pdf) | Canva Template

Aspen LiDA Bookmark - Download (.pdf) | Canva Template

Aspen LiDA PostcardDownload (.png) | Canva Template

Aspen LiDA Flyer Canva Template 

Social Media

Aspen LiDA Instagram/Facebook - Canva Template

Aspen LiDA Twitter Canva Template

Aspen LiDA Banner Header (to be used on Aspen Discovery site) - Canva Template



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