Saved Searches


Saved Searches

With these settings, you can:

  • Save searches
  • See search history
  • Turn saved searches into browse categories
  • Learn how to set up a domain




Save a Search

Saved searches are great for research, seeing the latest titles by your favorite author, users that are interested in specific items (Example: New DVDs), and more.

Once you are logged in and have your search and facets narrowed down, scroll to the bottom of the search results. 



In the Search Tools, click Save Search.



Give your saved search a name and save.



Once saved, they can be found under the username > Search History or in My Account > Search History.




Here, you can see your Search History and recent searches.

You can delete a saved search by clicking Delete. 



You can also turn a Recent Search into a Saved Search here by clicking on Save next to the search.


Your Saved Searches Browse Category

One of Aspen's personalized browse categories is the Your Saved Searches browse category. This is specific to the logged-in user and will automatically update as the user's saved search(es) update.

Multiple saved searches will be tiled as sub-browse categories.


'New' Badge on Saved Searches

Once users add a saved search, they will see a 'New' badge on titles added to the library collection in the last week.

They will see this in the Your Saved Search browse category:



They will also see a notification within their Account > Your Searches:



When the user clicks into Your Searches or clicks the Updated notice, they will see a detailed list of their saved searches and which saved searches have updates.



When they click into the saved search with updates, it will take them directly to the title(s) that are New.


Administration Settings

Turn on the Your Saved Searches Browse Category

Libraries in new implementations will have the Your Saved Searches browse category set up. If for some reason the Your Saved Searches browse category is not set up or you want to remove it, go to Aspen Administration > Local Catalog Enrichment > Browse Categories.

If you don't see it by searching for it, click Add New.

Fill in the following:

  1. Label -  Your Saved Searches
  2. textId - system_saved_searches
  3. Share With - Everyone

Leave everything else as is and save.


Then, go to Aspen Administration > Local Catalog Enrichment > Browse Category Groups and add the Your Saved Searches browse category.

Once this is set up, leave as is. Aspen will automatically show this browse category to users as soon as they start saving searches.

Learn more about Browse Categories

"New" Badge for Saved Searches

As of 22.08, Aspen will automatically add a "New" badge to any items in a user's Saved Search that have been added in the last week. 

Aspen will look at anything in the grouped work where something was added in the last week.