Self Registration


Self Registration

In this section, learn about:

  • ILS-based self registration
  • Link to a URL for self registration
  • Quipu eCard


Aspen Discovery provides libraries with the option to allow online registration for library cards. While some libraries may restrict access until users can come into the library to verify their identity, many others allow instant access to their online resources at the very least.


ILS-Based Self Registration

Self Registration - ILS Availability

For ILS-based registration, currently Aspen can integrate directly with Koha, Horizon, Millenium, Polaris, Carl.X, and Symphony.

Aspen can also work with Sierra via a process called screen scraping.

Enable ILS Based Self Registration

Go to Aspen Administration > Primary Configuration > Library SystemsILS/Account Integration > Self Registration

Enable self registration by selecting ILS Based Self Registration and click Save.

Self Registration - Setup for Koha ILS

To set up ILS-based self registration with Koha, please click here for instructions.

This blog post will walk you through all relevant system preferences in Koha and settings in Aspen.


2023-04-09 md bws
Self Registration - Setup for Symphony

In Aspen Administration > Primary Configuration > Library Systems > ILS/Account Integration > Self Registration > Self Registration Profile >

Where is the Self Registration URL?

Once enabled, the self registration link will appear on the login screen.

You can also directly access the self-registration form by appending /MyAccount/SelfReg to the end of your main catalog URL

Example: {}/MyAccount/SelfReg

Select Valid Self Registration Locations


To set up which Self Registration locations show up on the Self Registration form in the Home Library dropdown, go into Aspen Administration > Primary Configuration > Locations

Once you click into the location, scroll to ILS/Account Integration > Valid Self Registration Branch? 


The options are:

  • Valid for all libraries
  • Valid for this library only
  • Not Valid

To remove a location from the form, select Not valid. Once you save, the location will be removed from the form.


Password Notes

In Self Registration > Self Registration Password Notes you can specify password notes.

This is something that displays on the self registration form to let the patron know how to format their password.

An example message might be, “PIN must be a minimum of 6 digits.”



You can control the minimum and maximum PIN length and whether PINs should be numeric only in Aspen Administration > Primary Configuration > Library Systems > ILS/Account Integration > PIN/Password

Use All Caps When Submitting Self Registration

Self Registration > Use All Caps When Submitting Self Registration

You can check this box to tell Aspen to submit form information using all caps.

Depending on your ILS, this may help you distinguish between a self-registered patron and a patron registered in-person at the library.

Valid States and Zip Codes

With Self Registration > Valid States for Self Registration and Self Registration > Valid Zip/Postal Codes for Self Registration (regular expression) you can specify valid states and zip codes patrons can use for the registration form.

For no restrictions, leave these fields blank.

If you would like to specify states and/or zip codes, make sure that each state and zip code are separated only with vertical pipes with no spaces|

For example: 89001|89017. If patrons enter in a state and/or zip code other than what is specified here, they will not be able to submit their registration form.

Setting Custom Messages

Self Registration > Self Registration Form Message

The Self Registration Form Message will appear on the form itself, up at the top above the form fields.

Libraries could put any information about filling out the form, any important information about different membership levels, enrolling for a card, etc.



This message will show up at the top of the Self Registration form:



Self Registration > Self Registration Success Message

The Self Registration Success Message  will display after a user has successfully registered. You can use these fields to provide patrons with more information, such as what they will be able to access, whether they will need to contact the library, link to tutorials, promote collections and other library resources, etc.



The message will show up after the form is submitted:


Redirect to Self Registration URL

Enable Self Registration URL

If ILS-Based Self Registration is not an option with your ILS and/or if you use a custom form (exp: Google form, form on library website, etc.) to do Self Registration, enable this at:

Self Registration > Enable Self Registration > Redirect to Self Registration URL

Then, you’ll simply enter the URL in the Self Registration URL field in. That’s it!

When users click the Register for a new Library Card link from the sign-in screen, they’ll go directly to the URL you’ve specified.

Quipu eCard

Enter Your Quipu Credentials

If you pay for the Quipu eCARD service, you’ll first need to enter in your Quipu account credentials.

To do this, head to Aspen Administration > Third Party Enrichment > Quipu eCARD Settings.

You will need your Quipu server and Client ID.

Contact your Quipu account representative if you need help locating these credentials.

Enable Quipu eCard

Self Registration > Enable Self Registration > Quipu eCard will appear as a dropdown option once Quipu credentials are added. 



In Self Registration > Self Registration URL, you also need to add the Quipu eCard URL.

Example: {YourAspenURL}/MyAccount/eCARD

Customize Quipu Self Registration Form

Since the form fields with this option will come directly from your Quipu settings, you won’t need to set any other options within Aspen.

However, you can use the Self Registration Form Message field to display a message to users that will appear above the Quipu registration form.